Monday, July 11, 2011

Time to get real...

Ish = Fried Food and soda continues...

I have cheated a hand full of times.  I have had taco bell twice (there is nothing better than taco bell when youre hungover, trust me.)  Even though I have been hung over infinity times since the new year started, only two were bad enough to get Taco Bell.  I have also had McDonalds once!  :(  (so good).

Besides that, nothing too significant. 

I purchased a treadmill and a bowflex machine and within the past two weeks have worked out a handful of times on them.  I am really looking forward to busting my ass on those things and losing even more weight for the year.  Having them in my room will motivate me more to exercise as opposed to going to the gym. 

I weighed in this morning at just under 243 lbs.  That is ~25 lbs since the beginning of the year! 

As progress continues I will keep everyone more up to date and maybe, if you're lucky, you will get some more pictures!

Thanks for following, sorry it took so long to post again, but now, as progress continues, posts will come more frequently.

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